Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Writer's Life

The transformation is complete. I have adopted vices to comfort my tortured soul as I excavate its depths to invoke the raw emotions of life onto the page (actually it's diet root beer and a bubble gum cigarette, which, for any of you that have seen Stranger Than Fiction, I do happen to save and wrap in a tissue for later use).
The documentary is really coming together. It's incredible to work on the full spectrum of a film, from concept to writing to creation to production. We've interviewed a lot of interesting people and seen the effects animal-assisted therapy has on the health and quality of life of countless people. I definitely want a dog now. A big one. And since animals love people unconditionally I think I'll be set. Would we could all exemplify animals in that respect. The best part of this unique summer project is listening to Brandi Carlile as we drive to our shooting locations and appointments, and then taking a two-hour break in the middle of the day (we know how to embrace our European heritage) to try new kinds of cheeses (the grocery store just put in a new deli) or watch old episodes of Friends. I'm sorry to say since I have none of my own I've been watching ones on tv. Anyway, life is good and there are more projects in the works. Who knows what grand adventures life may hold? I just know that in about a month I'll be homeless and headed to Europe with a backpack and notebook, and whether or not I come back awaits to be known...
All right, I'm trying to sound like a romantic. I'll be back. I don't have a visa to work there, but if I did...

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Land of Ice Cream and Mini-Vans

I definitely know I'm back in Utah. There are 10 cartons of ice cream in my freezer, thanks to a party hosted by my single brothers. It's really dangerous on days when I'm down cause I find myself basking in spoonfuls of each flavor. I've also been noticing the "I love my missionary in ---" bumper stickers on the backs of mini-vans, which are pretty much only found in this state, although I've never been to Arizona. I was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Friday night and observed that of the 10 wedding parties holding receptions, about half of all the bridesmaids were pregnant. They were married of course (I think). They just looked so young. God love 'em.
I must say it's good to see mountains again, though (and not the ones on the plastic-surgeried women of Beverly Hills) and all I can say is I love central-air. I can't even tell it's summer outside. It's great to be around my family, and it's great to get up in the morning, do a little yoga (I've had to take a break from running) and walk down the hall to work with my brother on a project where we are our own bosses. We are both redheads and therefore like to be the boss. We'll see if we can survive each other and if I can survive Utah. One more month til the beach again.