Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From the Ghetto to the Golden Girls

Well, it's Christmas time...again...and that must mean I'm up here in the high altitude of salt lake city waiting for the magic of Christmas to come and go. By the way, I was in the Park City area today and the fire warning was low, so good news. Of course, there was also a blizzard today but that doesn't necessarily mean the two are related.
It's good to be home, good to be with family, good to eat more food than is necessary, and in a strange way good to have homework again. It keeps me focused on something other than some of the ambivalent feelings that can accompany the holidays. I had to just throw that out there and be honest. Christmas is a joyful time of year and the feelings of togetherness and love can be intensified, but at the same time so can feelings of loneliness and loss. Sometimes I feel like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone as he peers longingly into other people's windows as they gather to celebrate Christmas. And yet sometimes I feel the loneliest in a crowded room. Sometimes I also wish I believed in Santa Claus again. But I know that every Christmas is different. There have been times when I've been so excited for the holidays that I actually made a Christmas countdown starting in September, and I can still repeat all the lines to Muppet Christmas Carol and sing the songs with the voices. Even though in the last few years I've felt kind've relieved with the passing of Christmas, I know that I haven't always felt this way and won't always feel this way in Christmases yet to be. Things are what they are and everything has its season - even the seasons.

So, a quick Christmas update of festivities. I made it to Disneyland for the fake snow, over-priced gingerbread, and the Haunted Mansion changed to The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was much busier than I thought it'd be, but this is coming from someone who rarely waits more than 20 minutes in line for any ride (one of the joys of being a California resident). I went with some friends and my old roommate Marcella who came to visit from New Mexico. Her main purpose in coming (besides seeing me, of course,) was to attend our 5th Annual Advent Sunday - a European tradition of music and stories to ring in Christmas. This year we moved it from LA to my temporary house in Redondo Beach (what can I say, we've gone from the ghetto to the golden girls). It was fun because those people that ventured down the 405 said they felt right at home, like they were at their grandma's house. I guess they didn't mind the floral couch as much as I do. It was a nice turn-out though. Thanks to the loyal attendees who have been to every one of them.
I worked a lot of over-time before coming home to justify my long break, and managed to get my retired neighbor, who I've only talked to a couple of times and who has a dog named Gypsy that I wish I could adopt, to drive me to the airport. After a 3 hour delay I finally made it home. With the longest night of the year now behind me, I look forward to spending the rest of the week with friends and family. Happy Christmas everyone (I still wish I was British)!


cheyney webb said...

That is so awesome that Marcella came out for the Advent Sunday. What an upgrade from the ghetto you have made! I bet people felt safe to get out of their cars at your home in Redondo.

Happy New Year, Catherine. We love you!

Vivian said...

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