Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poor Man's Therapy

Today I wanted to physically hurt some of the students in my 5th period class and I'm not ashamed to say it. I muttered under my breath as the bell rang that they could all go to hell. Yeah, that's right - I did. For those who don't believe I have a temper, I do, (notice the red eyes in the picture - that's not a camera trick)though it's definitely more under control than it was when I was a kid. I had to come home and run for the second time today and blow up the punching bag Marcella gave me for Christmas. She knew I'd been wanting one since I moved here. It took some energy inflating it but once it was ready it did the trick. Just what I needed Now I'm squeezing out the final remainders of my anger by venting on my blog. I think I've successfully sublimated my anger. And also I've made it through January so I'm going to go celebrate with a glass of over-priced sparkling pomegranate juice.


Evan said...

Who are the people that don't believe you have a temper? ;)

RobMoffat said...

You have inspired me to return to anger management. A little tennis racquet to the sofa never hurt anything and sure clears the anger.

Kendra said...

Hey, I know that look. How's it any different than normal?