Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ah Florence!

I loved Florence the minute I sat on the steps of the Duomo and listened to a man and his son playing Frank Sinatra's My Way on the accordion as the sun set behind the colorful architecture. It's amazing the birthplace of the Renaissance was here. Before arriving here Thursday, I stopped in Pisa since my train was passing through. I met a girl, also named Caterina, who invited me to her house for a real Italian family meal, complete with grandpa who runs the oldest shop in Pisa - a gun store. Over the last 2 days I've enjoyed multiple servings of gelatto and enlightening moments in museums. I have to say the David was amazing and not just cause he's nude. I didn't appreciate the work until I saw it's stunning graceful form in person, and apparently the sculpture was the poster boy of Florence and the Renaissance, embodying the strength and confidence of man to excel and overcome. I went to Michelangelo and Galileo's tombs in San Croce Church - two men I greatly admire and want to learn more about. Tomorrow I go to Siena for the day. The smell of too much leather has driven me to the country-side for some fresh air. A smooth-talking Sicilian named Amadeo tried to sell me a leather jacket my first night in Florence(I must admit, I did look pretty stylish) and then asked me out for a drink. He got off work too late though and I had to get back to my room full of snoring spaniards. One more week until America.

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