Friday, September 14, 2007

Farewell to Europe

Well, tonight is my last night and tomorrow morning I head for the airport and its back to the States (no I have not abandoned all responsibility and decided to stay), but I come home feeling enriched and grateful for the experiences I have had and the things I have learned. I have discovered many new things like conditioner is overrated, you can make trains on time even without a watch, afternoon gelatto is an important part of everyday, and you can find a lot with a map, and even though I have felt lonely at various times I have felt well-protected and guided and I think learned some things I really needed to know. After a month I think it is time and I a ready to come home and take these new memories with me into the future. Thanks for your love and support faithful friends, family, and readers out there and if something happens on the way home and I dont make it back, bury me with my locket and know I died a soul of many satisfied dreams.

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cheyney webb said...

Welcome back to the US! Hopefully you have made it back safely. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures so we could live vicariously through you. I can't believe you ran into J,J,and R. What a wonderful trip! Hope to talk to you soon.

love you.