Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Siena, Venice, and Rome

Sunday, in the sunburnt buildings of Siena (which I match pretty well now) I was tracked by an Albanian guy as I ate my sandwich in one of Europe's best piazzas (that's a square for you hicks out there.) He watched me eat for at least 20 minutes. I finallly asked him at one of the souvenir stands how much longer he was going to follow me. He just smiled (I don't think he knew English that well) and I relented to letting him show me a couple of sights before running away from him. I also learned that the patron saint of Siena and as of 1999 all of Europe is St. Catherine. Apparently she had visions and a holy quest too, kind of like Joan of Arc, which coincidentally she had a twin sister named Joan. Later that night, as I was saying goodbye to Florence, I was targeted again. It's getting ridiculous - I can't sit on the steps of anywhere without some guy asking me out for a cappucino and I say that as unarrogantly as possible. I probably wouldn't mind if I actually found the guys attractive. After I turn them down I also have to make sure they don't come back or follow me. I've been forced to invent a boyfriend back home. His name is Buck Morley, a professional wrestler and part-time CIA agent on assignment which is why he's not here. He's extremely jealous. I left Florence Monday morning (I loved that city) and headed to Venice for a day, which I also ended up liking a lot. I didn't think it was that dirty or smelled bad but then again maybe I'm dirty and smell bad. I heard opera music (in my head) all the way down the Grand Canal and enjoyed the architecture and colors. As I sat down at the end of the day to eat a pizza by the waterfront I heard distant voices calling my name (I thought I was going crazy too) and turned around to see my hometeacher and two other LA Firsters standing there (Ryan, Jim and Jeff). I was so happy to see them I hugged them all. We hung out the rest of the night eating gelatto and trying to get pictures of the battle of the orchestras (every night in St. Mark's square these classical orchestras duel it out with music.) It was cool. We got lost trying to find my orphanage-like island (Venice is like a maze) and hung out the next day til we got on separate trains in the afternoon. We're going to meet up again on Friday to do the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. I was in awe at seeing the Colosseum today and Pantheon and of course I made a wish with the last American coin I brougt in the Trevi Fountain. I can tell my trip is nearing the end. I'm losing momentum and can't wait to feel really clean again. My Rome hostile smells like moth balls and Bulgarian apartments and the matress feels like a bag of knots. Tell dad not to worry, before arriving in Rome I memorized all the Italian phrases for "Help," "Thief," and "Stop that man." I miss you all and can't wait to see you.

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