Friday, August 17, 2007

Swell in Switzerland

I`ve made it safely to Switzerland and am happy to sit down after the longest day of my life (what with the time difference). I`m sipping freshly made sparkling apple juice while Felix, my Swiss tour guide for 10 days, is cooking fish, shrimp, rattatuille, and krautstihl. He already made a plum pie today, just like Grandma Morgenegg`s. So, first observations: the airport was extremely quiet, a lot of people here smoke, Berne`s shutters are brightly colored and enliven the whole city, computer keyboards are harder to use, and bells make any city feel magical. Even though I`m quite fatigued, we managed to climb the church bell tower today, see the bear pit (very cool), walk through the rose garden, try five kinds of cheese, and run into the missionaries and found out where church was on Sunday. And hopefully we`ve also solved the problem of my debit card not working. So, I`m glad to be here and glad to finally come to the home of my mother, aunts, uncle and grandparents. All is well.

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Jim said...

You are in Switzerland and haven't eaten 12 different varieties of chocolate yet? Why Not?