Monday, August 13, 2007

Parting Words from LA

I've stopped over in LA for a couple of days before heading to my big adventure in Europe and already I've been hissed at, witness to a woman having 10 conversations with herself at the library, and come home to find my sublet married and having sex in my bed. My room is their honeymoon suite. I'm trying not to think about it and thank goodness my blankie (yes I still have one) was not in the room. Family members have convinced me not to ever put a black light in there. I'm not sure I want to come home. Maybe I'll finally find where I belong over there. I have to say, though, that I'm excited for this trip. It's something I've been wanting to do for quite some time and for me it's not so much a vacation as it is a journey, an investment, an experience of discovery and a re-filling of my bucket with new ideas and insight. I know, I sound like a beatnik but I'm trying to follow my drumming heart as best as I can. For those individuals intent on raining on my parade by asking, "Are you crazy?" and "How can you go to a foreign country by yourself?" I'd just like to say most crimes in Europe are non-violent and, many forums for solo women travelers talk about the freedom that can come from solitude. My inner warrior goes without fear (or atleast tries to suppress it) and as Ronald Reagan said, "In an atmosphere of liberty, artists and patrons are free to think the unthinkable and create the audacious; they are free to make both horrendous mistakes and glorious celebrations." So, I'm following the advice of Jo March's mother and I am going to embrace my liberty.


Emily said...

Hey Catherine! That sucks about the honeymoon suite, seriously. Just wanted to say that I'll be in Ireland from the 19th to the 31st in case your journey takes you to that part of Europe. email me if you want to meet up!

I love your blog by the way ;)

Jim said...

When you get over there, buy yourself a good knife, and some pepper spray. that will 'help' lead you to freedom, AND keep you safe from retards.

Renee said...

DO IT!! FORGE AHEAD!! TALLEY HO!!! I'm so excited for (and extremely jealous of) your trip! You'll have to keep us posted of all of your liberty seeking adventures via the blog! You are woman! Hear you roar!

jbeany said...

I'm jealous of your travels... but not your bed!


love ya!

cheyney webb said...

The caddy shack has turned into the shack up shack! YIKES!