Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yesterday Matterhorn, Tomorrow Paris

(I was excited just to write that.) I haven`t fallen in love with any exotic European men yet, but I have fallen in love with Switzerland. Were it not for the language barrier I think I would move here. I am already planning the hikes and mountains I want to explore when I come back one day. We went to Appenzell country on Thursday (in the eastern part) and went hiking. Friday I went to the Swiss temple, which was exceptionally meaningful to me. It made me feel close to my grandparents and I felt so happy to be there. Saturday we got up early and went to the Matterhorn where we finally had a perfectly clear day. I could see everything, though I didn`t understand much. I wish I knew German. Felix` friend Susan came with us, then took us out to dinner afterward at a restaurant called Rossli (the little horse). Her sister gave me 2 kinds of honey (I prefer the forest honey to the flower honey) cause she and her husband make it on their farm. How cool is that? I decided I missed my calling in life and should have owned my own little cheese shop or been a honey maker. I mean, I want to make something people just sit down and enjoy at their breakfast table everyday. Maybe in the next life. So tomorrow I leave for Paris and will be completely on my own. I`m a little nervous but I have my Swiss army knife and tube of mustard (in case I get hungry. They have really good mustard here.) I will miss this grand little country - it`s full of surprises. But I have resolved to come back and have also resolved to get a bike and grow my own basil when I return. Au revoir.

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jbeany said...

Maybe you're not a little cheese-maker or honey-maker, but you definitely keep me throughly entertained with your wonderful writing at my breakfast table! :)