Saturday, August 18, 2007

To Market, Spiez, and Interlaken

There`s just something about bringing your basket to market and buying fresh foods. In front of the Parliament buildling in Bern, they had everything from orange and green tomatoes to skinned rabbits hanging from the stands. A Swiss lady even gave me a rust-colored rose to place in my hair. We took the train to Spiez after and walked along Lake Thun and then took a boat to Interlaken. The water is so clear and greenish colored. Felix said they call it glacier milk. The scenery- forest, green hills, and mountains- are so beautiful, it`s hard to believe it`s real sometimes. On our way back to the train, we looked for four-leaf clovers in a nearby field. I guess Felix is more of a leprechaun than me, he found two and I found one (after he pointed it out to me). I`m trying to remember how to say hello (gruesech)in their language and not default to Bulgarian as I have been doing. I`m having a wonderful time and enjoying the pace of life here. Tomorrow I`ll go the small branch in Bern where an old couple that new grandma attend so that should be interesting. The bells are ringing again and my belly is full of bread. Time to go to bed.


Ann said...


I love the pictures, keep those coming if you can. I'm so jealous! I'm this close to digging out my European Scrap Books! Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful time.

cheyney webb said...

In between clicking your heels, please do a few spins and sing "The hills are alive with the sound of music." ahhhhahahahah
I love the pics and the details!